About Us

We are Ariana & Marie, Leo Collective. 

Leo Collective was born February 14th, 2019 with an affirmation written on a note card and taped to a bathroom mirror.  We met working for a non-profit that resold designer goods and donated proceeds to organizations that helped kids and pets.  Quickly becoming friends, we realized our paths were similar.  From managing small businesses to working our way up in luxury retail to helping start a non-profit, we shared similar experience.  In retail, we watched season after season of goods overstock the shelves to then be discounted to make room for the next round.  Where was all this stuff coming from?  Why was there so much of it? Who made this $10 shirt and how much did they get paid?  And why is everything wrapped in plastic?

Attempting to shift our careers in the direction of a solution, we committed our time to a non-profit.  With the desire to curate a beautiful, artfully inspired space we found ourselves in piles of someone’s old sweatpants looking for treasure.  We knew we wanted to do something different but what came next? 

In November of 2018, we embarked on a twelve week course, "The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity", by Julia Cameron.  We committed to three pages of writing a day, weekly solo artists dates and over time we started to find our way.  Inspired by a Leo Tolstoy quote, we realized we were conduits of a creative vision that was intended to be shared.  It started as wandering outside the perimeters of what seemed possible in our current roles and ended up becoming Leo Collective.

With a love for art and beauty, a conviction for women's empowerment, a dedication to the environment and a responsibility to individuals who are employed in the fashion industry, we began to define our mission and values. Providing beautiful, sustainable, artisan goods and education for discerning customers who care.  We want you to fall in love with the items we carry just like we have.  We’ve done the homework to bring you responsibly and ethically produced apparel, accessories and apothecary.  We’ve searched under every rock to find hidden gems and small brands with integrity.  

We’re doing our homework behind the scenes, too.  We use recycled packaging and reuse packaging from our vendors whenever possible. We order modestly so as not to contribute to the overproduction wave followed by the deep discounting trend of larger retailers and fast fashion companies.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to do what we do.  We don’t take it for granted for a second.  In addition to popping up around the US to meet you in person, scouring the world for artisan made goods and running Leo Collective ourselves we spend our free time traveling, caring for our families, connecting with friends and exploring artistic endeavors.  We’re all moving forward.  Let’s move forward, together.

Love and Light, 
Ariana & Marie