Black Plane Bag

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Carry your essentials in the hand painted Black Plane Bag from Macromauro. The pivoting strap closure rotates freely allowing you to wear this bag across your hips or shoulder.  The cloudy vinyl material is soft with excellent water resistance making this as practical as it is beautiful.  Carry on, friends.  

PVC and Nume leather.  Nume leather has been tanned using only vegetable tannin.  This traditional Japanese method takes over a month to complete.  The result is a strong leather that begins slightly stiff, yet over time, becomes soft and pliable.  It takes on nuances that are created through your own personal use of the bag.  No two bags will evolve in the same way and your bag will be uniquely yours.  9 in height, 20 in wide.  

Designed by Macromauro, a Japanese maker, who while studying art, began modeling three-dimensional objects.  After graduation, while working and experiencing various businesses, the designer’s interest in developing and
creating everyday objects continued to grow.  
Macromauro began in 2006 with creations of items for the designer’s personal use.  Choosing to remain anonymous, the designer is as intriguing as each object created.  Each item is hand-made and hand painted in their own studio in Osaka.