Camel Tonybob Mini

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Not your ordinary satchel, the Camel Tonybob Mini is a humble masterpiece.  Creating a seamless look, the leather is wrapped inside along the opening and closing lines.  When the lid is opened, the metal fittings at the mouth part and natual canvas lining are exposed.  The length of the long strap can be adjusted freely, so it can be used as a diagonal shoulder bag or a short handbag.  Soft, fine grain leather transforms into a glossy, hardy finish over time making this bag one for the long haul.  

9 in tall, 12 in wide, 48 in strap.  Leather outer, cotton lined interior and canvas backed strap.

Designed by Macromauro, a Japanese maker, who while studying art, began modeling three-dimensional objects.  After graduation, while working and experiencing various businesses, the designer’s interest in developing and creating everyday objects continued to grow.  Macromauro began in 2006 with creations of items for the designer’s personal use.  Choosing to remain anonymous, the designer is as intriguing as each object created.  Each item is hand-made and hand painted in their own studio in Osaka.