Protectress Ritual Mist

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The essential oils of cedar, vetiver and coriander are all known to be grounding, stabilizing and calming. When we think of a protectress these are the qualities that come up.
Your ability to stay grounded in the moment and focused on what is true and right is what will allow you to navigate life's ups and downs. You are your own protrectress and you have the ability within you to protect others. The sweet mellow notes of the Protectress Ritual Mist will call you back to the space of stability and give courage through clarity.

Use this ritual mist as a catalyst to shift the mood and energy in your space, set your intentions and allow the aromatherapy to generate a higher sense of awareness and a deeper connection with yourself.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Yarrow Flower Essence, Essential Oils of Cedar, Vetiver & Coriander.

2oz glass bottle with mister top.

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