Charcoal PVL Bag


Charcoal PVC and Nume leather come together to make this stunning shoulder bag.  The strap has multiple holes and can be worn cross body or shortened and worn over your shoulder.  Richly colored 2 mm PVC is a modern juxtaposition with the timeless nume leather.  Outer pockets designed for paper or images allow your treasures and personality show through. Your inner artist will enjoy watching this versatile design evolve into a one-of-a-kind bag.

Nume leather is leather that has been tanned using only vegetable tannin.  This  traditional Japanese method takes over a month to complete.  The result is a strong leather that begins slightly stiff, yet over time, becomes soft and pliable.  It takes on nuances that are created through your own personal use of the bag.  No bag will evolve in the same way and your bag will be uniquely yours.

21.5 cm length, 25 cm width, 5.3 cm depth, 118 cm total length of the strap.

Designed by Macromauro, a Japanese maker who began their career as an architect and felt drawn to create wearable structural pieces. Choosing to remain anonymous makes the designer as intriguing as each hand sewn piece.   Each piece is handmade in Osaka.